Monday, July 18, 2011

First Magi

The crown is still not attached. That has been kicking my behind ... he might just get a different crown all together, just as the ewer is done in a different stitch as designed.
The coat will get more embellishments and trim, I am guessing that will be done before we move on to King #2.


wendy111 said...

I am loving watch you stitch your magi - it is a wonderful design and what a lovely variety of stitches.

Beate said...

This piece is like eating candy ... can't just stitch one section at a time ... the colors are so super rich. My 21 year old SON declared that he'd like to inherit it before I die :-)

Milly~ said...

Wow this is really progressing so nicely. I love the colors. Incredible! Keep up the good work. I so look forward to seeing more.