Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Sorry ....

Oh, I am so bad about not checking comments and replying in a timely manner ... 

I was asked (some time ago) if I like needlepoint better than cross stitch. I can't really compare the two, they are so vastly different. I like to mix things up because I get bored very easily. Especially when I am working on a big piece (like The Magi) I have other U.F.O.s going that I pulled out on occasion just so as to not to loose my mind. It is rare that will work one piece from start to finish without putting at least a few stitches into some other ongoing project.

Right now I am on a "smalls" kick, needing instant gratification. I "whipped up" another pin cushion and (as a last minute project) stitched a Valentine for my hubby - nothing like working under pressure ! 

I did find the pattern for the 2010 Easter Carrot again and am stitching it right now to give away for Easter - not saying who is getting it, one never knows who reads my blog :-) 

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