Sunday, September 28, 2014

DMC Color "Chart"

The latest version of DMC's color chart does not have real threads anymore but only pictures of threads.

I don't think those pics are true to the real thing, therefore finding the right shade of thread can be a little difficult.

They is why I am setting up new thread boxes in color schemes instead of in numerical order.


Carla Eldridge said...

I've thought of doing the same thing as it makes sense but might injure my delicate mind that demands numerical order! :D

Marlene Jones said...

It is very hard to decide on how to store your threads on cards, mine are all numerical, but I often think they should be in colour like yours, gives me food for thought.

StitchingBea said...

Oh, I DO have another set that is sorted numerically (otherwise I would never find the thread I needed LOL) ...

I was just annoyed by how off the DMC chart was from the actual threads. It really is kind of delicious to have the colors in their runs together, that will make substituting so much easier.