Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016

A brand new year, a new opportunity to do better on keeping my stitching blog up to date. Fingers crossed that I won't fall too far behind .... again :-)

Here's the current status of the third Quaker ball. The up side of putting it on a scroll frame is that I don't have to juggle tons of extra fabric while stitching on one segment. The down side: it's not so easy to stitch in my comfy chair so I end up balancing the frame on my arm.

For last year's Christmas ornament exchange(s) I stitched up a bunch of Hardanger Santas. Found the pattern in one of Janice Love's great books.

Amazing what one might find when one cleans up ones craft room ... 
These two where EGA program pieces I had signed up for a year or two ago. 

The bee pin was a gift from my son for Christmas.

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Carla Eldridge said...

So many pretty things. The Quaker Ball patches are very gorgeous this time...the colors!