Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I get to show off my stuff

I had talked to the guy at the check-out at our library a couple of weeks back and I mentioned that I would be able to help them fill their display case should they ever need someone.

Wouldn't you know it ... 2 days ago I get a phone call "Could you bring your needlework and display it in April". Yep, on 3/31. Nothing like working under pressure figuring out which pieces would work and then fixing up some labels so people would know what the heck they are looking at.

I grabbed my son to help out and we fixed up the display yesterday afternoon. I must say, I'm a little proud to have my own "showing" ... as if I were some sort of artist LOL

Maybe it will inspire some folks in the community to get their own needles threaded up to "paint with thread".



Carla Eldridge said...

So beautiful!! I like how it's recessed into the wall so there will never be heavy moving :D

Cindy's Stitching said...

That is, awesome. Looks so pretty

Chris said...

What a wonderful diplay! Hopefully you will inspire some people to start stitching!!

Lesa said...

Just found your blog via a Pinterest post and I must say you do beautiful work! So happy that you could help your local library fill their case with beautiful needlework and I also hope it will inspire others to try. You inspire me! I find it's a relaxing hobby, passion, and sometimes nerve racking!