Thursday, September 17, 2015

Starting fresh ...

I really am a terrible blogger! Good thing I don't have people hanging on my every word (like some blogs I follow that have hundreds of subscribers and where there is a cool, funny, interesting or otherwise worthwhile entry about every other day).

Yes! I have stitched between February and now. I finished the Victorian Star - started, stitched, finished and got framed Winter Diamonds (companion piece to Quaker Diamonds) - found two finished Terrance Nolan bees that I finally got framed - stitched a flag for my niece who just started USMC boot camp a week ago - AND I just this morning completed this year's Halloween piece. I am sure there were misc. little pieces I did in between. As soon as I figure out what they were (and where they are at now) I will photograph them and add them to the blog.

But, without further ado: here is my latest finish: 

Skeleton Crew by Cricket Collection

The fabric is the same as I what I used in Christopher's piece and last year's banner. I barely had enough fabric left - there is about 1.5 inches between the top / bottom stitches and the edges. Again, I used some glow-in-the-dark threads ... the serpent, the foam on the waves and the scull in the pirate flag.

No promises that I will update on a more regular basis .... but, I will try.

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Robin said...

What a fun piece you finished! I really like the fabric you used for it. Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia